General memories from Aigan Court in Dufftown

Aigan Court used to be the private home of Mrs Duncan.

Whisky industry- Billings is the liquid which accumulates in the bottom of a recently emptied whisky cask. It evaporates from the walls the wooden walls of the cask once it is empty. It is illegal to sieve the liquid and remove it from the cask. The clearit is 120 proof unlike the cask whisky which is 100-109 proof. When dramming still occured in the distilleries the workers got the clearit whisky unless they worked in the warehouses where they got the aged whisky as no new whisky was distilled there.

A common candy of the past was chocolate sweeties with bits of sugar candy on it like hundreds and thousands. They also remember treacle and sulphur in Springtime.

Memories contributed during a Reminiscence group at Aigan Court, Dufftown

Additional information

Treacle and sulphur (Brimstone and Treacle) was a common remedy. There are many links to it in literature and on the web.
medical site
Charles Dickins refers to it in Nicolas Nickleby when Mrs Squeers dispenses it to the boys in her “care”.


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