Boots the Chemists in Nottingham by Pamela Shelton

Pamela’s first job was with Boots the Chemists in Nottingham. She started work there at the age of 14 in 1935. In the factory there was a machine at one end and long benches with electric belts. Screw tops had to be added to the bottles, then packed in boxes and sent out. Ointments were made along side face creams and hand creams. They were taken to other warehouses to be distributed. Pamela stayed there for two years.

Her main interest outside work was dressmaking. She learnt how to sew and designed her own clothes. She made wedding dresses and ball gowns for local friends. She went to night school to learn how to drive. She met a friend at night school who was a major in the army. It was through this friend she met Ginger Rogers. She wrote to Ginger for many years until one day Ginger came to do a show and London and Pamela had a chance to meet her. They became friends and Pamela made Ginger two ball gowns and several pairs of trousers.

Memory contributed by Pamela Shelton, Aberlour

Additional Information

Science Museum Boots Objects

Science Museum “Boots the Chemists” Objects

Science Museum has a large range of “Boots the Chemists”  Objects.There are pictures of some of them on their website. (click on the image on the left).

History of Boots the Chemists
Jesse Boot and the rise of Boots the Chemists- article on a document library


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