Donald Scott’s first job as a paperboy

Donald’s first job was as a paperboy. He worked for Robert Farquhar, Chemist and Newsagent in Insch. He also worked for the local milkman, Jim Anderson of Muriel Dairy but didn’t get paid. At school he was the type of child who always spoke his mind and this often got him into trouble. Once the headteacher of his school gave him the strap which caused such marks from his elbow to his wrist that he had to visit the doctor. The teacher was warned not to do it again and Donald left the school soon after to start work at the age of 14.  He became a message boy for John Souter, an ironmonger, builder and wood merchant. Donald knew the job was comig vacant as his pal was moving up so he just went to speak to them. He worked from 8.30 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. going home for lunch. He was still living at home at the this point in his life. Next he went to work at the local works in Inverurie serving as an apprentice mechanical engineer. He earned 25 /- a week in 1947 with two weeks holiday and Christmas and New Year.

His National Service was spent in Hong Kong were his footballing skills earned him a place in a team which played in the Hong Kong League. He also played in the Phillipines for the RAF. After he finished National Service he returned to Inverurie Local Works. He studied at Glasgow to be a work study engineer. The Beeching cuts shut the works in 1969 and he was offered a job in Baxters in Fochabers as a work study engineer. He dealt with Time and Motion work and layouts of jobs. There was a bonus scheme and he was a shift manager in the factory from 1974-84. In 1984 he went to work for Lossiemouth Seafood Factory. It closed and was sold in 1990. He then went back to Baxters as Clerk of Works until he was 65. After he retired he worked for five years as an ambulance driver for WRVS.

Memory contributed by Donald Scott at the Bellie Kirk Coffee Morning in Fochabers


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