Moray the Bakers by Bert Hay

Bert started work in 1951 at the age of 15. His first job was for Moray the Bakers in Fochabers. He was trained on the job. Part of his job was as a delivery boy on the 6 a.m. roll van. He was dropped off in Garmouth with a wicker basket. The van went to Kingston delivering from door to door while Bert went around the houses in Garmouth. He had a regular route and people knew he was coming. They knew he was coming and they had their light on. In the basket were butteries, plain loaves, long pan and soft rolls. They used the bread for their breakfast. After the deliveries Bert went home for his breakfast.

The local route was Garmouth, Kingston and Urquhart. There were other vans which went to Speyside and along the coast. There was also a van for Fort William and a monthly biscuit van which went up to Thurso. In all there were 16 vans travelling around the country including four to the RAF camps of Pinefield, kinloss and Darnaway Estate (home for boys). In the biscuit van were sponges, swiss rolls, perkins (round, hard ginger biscuits), hardies (butter biscuits), shortbread, Christmas cakes (in season) and winnies (though Smiths the Bakes in Elgin were the favourite place for these). Winnies were like butter biscuits.

Memory contributed by Bert Hay from Dufftown

Additional Information

To find recipes for Hardie biscuits search for Hardies or Hardees.


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