Life as a nurserymaid at Hopeman Lodge by Betty Grant

Betty left school at the age of 14 in 1930 and went to work at Hopeman Lodge for her employer Lady Gordon Macduff. She owned the lodge. Betty earned 10/- a week, which was saved for her as National Savings Certificate. Betty looked after the children of Lady Gordon Macduff’s daughter, Mrs Aspell. The children were called David and June. She had a room along from the nursery next door to the children.

Hopeman Lodge source:

Hopeman Lodge

The house had a cook, kitchen maid, table maid (waited on table), housemaid, nanny, nanny’s help and gardener. There was no butler. Betty enjoyed the work and stayed there for 14 years.

Memory contributed by Betty Grant from Dufftown

Additional information
Current information about Hopeman lodge.
Prime Minister Asquith and his daughter came to stay at the lodge on holiday in 1913.


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