Working as a Nanny by Alice Young

Alice’s first job was working at Allarride Farm Farm, Glenrinnes. She started the job in 1954 when she was 16 years old. Mrs Strathdeen knew Alice’s mother. There were four children to look after. She left when one of the children, Isobel was 6 years old.

One of the stories she remembers from her childhood is of her mother being very sick and a man coming from the dole and pleading with her mother to take money to support the children. She would not take it.

Alice’s Father was a fisherman. He had been sick with Rheumatic fever. One day he came back from the fishing and his bed. He died later that same week.

When she was born 75 years ago she had two fingers and also two toes joined together by skin. The next day they were being separated on the kitchen table and the great granny from next door came in. The fingers had been done and she stopped the operation on the toes declaring “It was unlucky to separate webbed feet and it you do someone in the family will die at sea”. Alice’s toes are joined to this day and she had not had them separated even though the doctor has suggested it would be a good idea.

Memory contributed by Alice Young from Dufftown


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