Memories of Sheep’s head Soup by Susan Marshall

Hot water bottles took the form of ceramic bottles called piggies. They were dressed up like dollies. In her house they were very short of money as there were seven of us. Took 2 peats to school every day for the fire. As there were seven of them they had to take 14 pieces of peat a day to school. It was Waternish Primary School, Isle of Skye. The family lived in a croft and her father was a sea-captain in the merchant navy which was the reason for the three year gap between each of the four of the children.

Making sheep’s head soup
A poker was put on the fire to singe the hair off before the head was cooked in a pot on the fire. If the beard wasn’t singed off the soup didn’t taste the same. Susan liked the tongue part of the head once it was cooked. The family also ate salted fish. There were no fridges in the crofts so salt was used a method of preservation.

Memory contributed by Susan Marshall from Elgin

Additional Information
Recipe for Sheep’s head soup and forcemeat  The latter uses the brain and the tongue so there is no waste!


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