Nan Maver’s first job in Fruit and Confectioner’s shop in Forres

“My family had a Fruit and Confectioners Shop in Forres High Street where I worked in the 1950s. I was trained in all aspects and did balancing the ration coupons after the shop closed for the evening. I also joined the girls training corps and trained with them once a week. Identifying aircraft, square bashing and first aid. I wanted to join the wrens and as I had 2 cousins in the navy but I was too young to be called up and I was working in the shop. I can remember the smell of oranges and onions in the shop. How difficult it was to ration families. I stayed working at the shop until 1950. Twice a week I volunteered with a friend helping to make powdered milk, washing dishes, wiping down tables or anything that was needed in the many canteens such as Bank Lane Sunday Canteen for Church of Scotland where hundreds of servicemen would go for a meal. I think it was around 1941 that Nissan huts were purpose built on Sanquar Estate for these servicemen. In Forres there were dances at the Town Hall, Drill Hall and Masonic Hall for about 1/- 6d. entrance.

Click her to see a picture of the Andersons building Forres Scotlands PlacesI did typing classes at Andersons and I represented Moray and Nairn Girls Training Corps in Gloucester and Aberdeen. We wore navy skirts and jersey and I had 3 stripes and a crown.
My dad was a Private in the Home Guard at night in the Telephone Exchange above the Post Office in Forres.

Burn of Mosset, Forres Source From

Burn of Mosset, Forres. Source from

We didn’t go on holidays as children but I got around on my bike and used to cycle to my Aunty in Burghead for holidays. Sometimes I would get a lift back with the taxi taking fishwives to Forres to sell their fish. I met my future husband in Burghead. When I was 12 years old! We lived by the Mosset and I always played in it and always got our feet wet. My grandfather moved from Fochabers to Forres and he was a miller at Forres Mills. We could watch the whole milling process from top to bottom and then buy our bag of porridge oats to take home to cook. I was married for 58 years and I have enjoyed my life.

Nan Maver was interviwed in Elgin by Jo Sweeney, a WRVS volunteer

Additional Information

Drill Hall project including Forres Drill Hall
Click here to read  more about a Drill Hall Project websiteThe project was started in an attempt to record the Drill Halls of the Territorial Army in the period 1908 – 1914. With a few notable exceptions, these buildings are unremarkable, functional and ignored by history. Yet they were an important part of our military and social heritage. They provided a base for the Territorials to meet and train, and a practical space for fêtes and dances for the local community.

Here is some more information about Forres Mills including photographs of the mill. It is also known as Plasmon Mills.


One thought on “Nan Maver’s first job in Fruit and Confectioner’s shop in Forres

  1. I’m half of the Drill Halls project! I enjoyed reading your piece and hearing that you recalled dances at the Drill Hall, Forres. For us, it’s important confirmation of the many ways in which communities used their drill halls. Thank you for linking to our project website. We have lots of material on Scottish drill halls and many photos, which we’ll upload as work on the website continues. I visited Forres drill hall a couple of years ago when on holiday in your lovely area.

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