Apprentice Electrician by Dennis Paterson

“I was an apprentice Electrician. I applied the job as it was available. The Boss took me on. My first job was to erect a pole for electrical lines. I gave money from wages to my mother for my keep. I worked 8-5 p.m. 6 days a week and went home for my dinner. I enjoyed my job and stayed until I was called up. I signed on with the RAF for 5 years. Germany was OK.but I didn’t enjoy drinking.

St Thomas Hall Buckie from an article on the STV website about the hallI went to the dances at St. Thomas’ Hall in Buckie and to the church. My job after the war was at the Hydro Schemes. I moved to Drumnadrochit in another hydro scheme and moved again for work. At 28 I met my future wife in Keith. We were married for 40 years, I worked at Aldermaston in Atomic Energy with a job in Ministry of Public Buildings and Works. I throughly enjoyed my working life.”

Dennis Paterson was interviewed in Elgin by Jo Sweeney, WRVS volunteer

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