My first job as an office worker at the White Horse Smiddy in Elgin by Myra Younie

I was fostered with my foster sister in a croft between Elgin and Rothes. We had no electricity or bathroom. We milked the cows, skimmed the cream and made butter. I went to school at Inchberry at 5 years of age. I passed the qualifications and went to Rothes Secondary School. I loved the school and my favourite subjects were Arithmetic and English. I wanted to do Pitman Typing Course but couldn’t afford it.

When I was 15 I was told that I could not stay at school any longer and I would have to go out to work. I didn’t want to leave but it was not up to me. I got a job in Elgin at the White Horse Smiddy in the office. I hated the smell of burning. I worked there for two years and then my foster Mum had a heart attack and I had to go home to help look after her and my foster sister. When my foster Mum recovered I got a job in Rothes at R.A. Gordon & Co. Coal and Grain Merchants earning £1 7/- 6d a week. This was handed over to my foster Mum and I would keep my bus fare. There were no computers then so everything was entered into a ledger and I did the bills and orders. My job title was Junior Clerkess. I stayed working there from 1949 until I got married in 1955.

Description English: The Tower, Elgin. This historic building is located at High Street A close-up of the plaque is here 1287975 Date 30 April 2009(2009-04-30) Source From

The Tower, Elgin. This historic building is located at High Street

I met my future husband at Alves Hall where dances were held once a month and cost 7/- 6d. to get in. He was a lovely dancer. We got married in 1955 at the Tower Hotel in Elgin. I wore a slate blue Barathea suit with box pleated skirt and cuffed sleeve jacket with a flowery hat. My bridesmaid wore a wine coloured suit. We had 30 guests at 7/- 6d. a head. The cake cost £4. I spent 34 years as an admin. officer for the Forestry Commission and retired in 1992. I have volunteered for WRVS for 22 years.

Myra Younie was interviewed in Elgin by Jo Sweeney, WRVS volunteer

Additional Information

Elgin Street parade websiteHere is a website with pictures of Elgin High Street now and in the past. White Horse Smiddy was demolished to make way for TK Max shopping area, previously TESCO.

Listed building information for Tower Hotel in Elgin (118-122 High street, Elgin) now closed.

Additional Listed Building information can be found here on the Historic Scotland Database.


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