Grocery assistant in Lhanbryde by James Kemp

James worked for Scott the Grocer in Lhanbryde. He started in 1935 when he was 14. It was the only job he was offered at the time. His job was to serve customers and weigh out bags of sugar and flour. He got a 1/2 day off on Thursdays and Sunday off. He joined the services at the age of 19. Basic training was in Blackpool. He sailed for India on the RMS Viceroy of India.

Married in 1951 and celebrated diamond wedding 2011 with daughter Christine (Australia) and son  Brian (Spey Bay). Widowed in March 2012.

Long Service Certificate Award for being an Elder of St. Andrew’s and Urquhart Church, Lhanbryde, Moray.

Insurance Agent with Pearl Insurance for 27 years.

Memory contributed by James Kemp from Elgin

Additional Information

RMS Viceroy of India Google ImagesPhotographs of the Viceroy of India

More information about the Viceroy of India. The ship sunk in 1942 when it was struck by a german u-boat.


One thought on “Grocery assistant in Lhanbryde by James Kemp

  1. My father worked for JOHN Scot as an apprentice in about 1917 when was about 14 . Born in Paisley my grandad died 37 yrs he had a shoe shop 16 old sneddon . Family fell on very hard times & my father , his siblings I believe were boarded out to Peter Mchardy they ended up in Cranloch farm I think. They went to Cranloch school.still searching for info on them , any help appreciated thanks.

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