Woolworths Jewelry Counter in Yeovil by Doreen Walker

From 1944 Doreen worked for two years in a jewelry shop which employed invalid men from the First and Second world wars and also men who had been affected by polio earlier in life. They soldered threepence (thre’pence) onto rings for the Americans. She stayed there until 1945. At the age of 17 she got a job working after invalid people. Doreen also worked for Woolworths at the gas lighting counter where she sold gas mantles, candles and bulbs. The main store seemed to sell everything. She married her husband, Bill, who worked as the manager of a cycle shop. Their cottage (Trill Cottage, Thornford Road, Dorset) had no mains water, no electricity and the water came from a well 180 yds. away.

Memory contributed by Doreen Walker from Lossiemouth


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