Working as a shop assistant in Aberlour by Margaret Meldrum

Peter Taylor on his bike. Photograph from a collection brought by a visitor to the reunion event

Peter Taylor

Margaret started work at Peter Taylor’s grocery shop because her sister already worked there. She was 15 years old and it was 1966. She worked on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and on Sundays a half day. She got £1 for Saturdays and 10/- for the half day.

Her job included stocking the shelves.  Slicing ham on a machine and using a cheese wire to cut the cheese. The cheese was wrapped in greaseproof paper. People put in orders and then a message boy took the completed order out on his bike. This meant the shop ran a credit system and people were trusted to come in promptly to settle their bills.  Some people were better than others at doing this. The Walkers shop was in the same place it is now and it sold bread and cakes.

Aberlour Orphanage supplied by a visitor to the reunion eventHer Mother worked at the Margaret Rose Nursery which was part of the Orphanage. There were some very young children including babies  and toddlers in the nursery.

The Orphanage had its own school. Only the o’level children came to the Aberlour High School.

Each Saturday night they got a bag of sweeties from Mrs Taylor as they finished work.

Memory contributed by Margaret Meldrum from Aberlour at the Aberlour Orphanage Reunion In Aberlour (September 2012) 

Additional Information

Presentation to Provost Peter Taylor


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  1. I was in jupp house in 1951 my name was tony sutherland was there with my 2 brothers john known as jackie suth. My other bro. Was derek i was in the orphanage mag as tony builds castles in the air approx 1950 rem the first black boy nickname was pancho met him in london aldgate train st. In approx 1962

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