Printing Apprentice by Ron Elmore

Found the job of being a printing apprentice in a career book. Went to work for Stanford and mann at the age of 15 in 1961. Learnt how to use a Heidelberg Automatic. Left the job eventually as he didn’t want to study and joined the Merchant Navy.

Old railway trackside hut Typical of those provided to afford protection to the track maintenance gangs when they were working on the track.Later on he was a plate layer and lengthman for the railway. It was a very responsible job. His job was to maintain a particular length of line. No money in it. Became a ganger after just two years. It was a hard job out in all weathers on high speed mainlines. Did a visual inspection of the track over a ten mile distance every day. There were 16 people in a gang on a ninety mile track.  Sometimes it was very hard to hear the trains coming especially the electric ones. Just heard a humm when they were 30 yds away. The train driver blew the horn but if the wind was blowing the wrong it could be a close thing!

Memory contributed by Ron Elmore


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