Working as a nanny’s help for Dr Scott by Johan Baillie

Johan’s first job was working for Dr Scott at St. Michael’s, Elgin in 1946. She helped the nanny during the holidays in part of the house. There were three children in the family. They used to visit Dr Scott’s mother in Aberdeen with the three children. It was unusual to have a women doctor. Johan used to arrive early in the morning. The nanny was an older person. One of the children was at the Old Academy building which was then a private school. The other two children were of school-age. The live-in housekeeper lived at the top of the house. Dr Scott travelled to many homes. Some of the homes at that time in Elgin represented very poor living conditions. The Scotts had lived at Gordon Street prior to moving to St. Michael’s, Northfield Terrace, Elgin at some point between 1940 and 1946. There was a Surgery (later it became a family room) and a waiting room (became a study). Dr Scott did a lot of house calls. There were some clinic times and there were lots of deliveries to do. Her husband, Mr Scott was the first full-time surgeon at Dr. Grey’s Hospital.

"1928/29 Parliament, with Stanley Baldwin as Prime Minister, passed an Act which permitted Town Councils to institute Municipal Hospitals and every town hastened to convert their Poor Law Institutions in this manner. Edinburgh Council set up the Western General and the Eastern General Hospitals" source:© Copyright Mr H and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Eastern General Hospital

Next Johan went into nursing training in Edinburgh at Eastern General Hospital for two years. Then became an auxiliary nurse. Later Johan got married, stopped work and returned to Elgin. Her husband was in the army and he got TB. She had met him in Elgin via a friend. They went on long cycle rides. She then cared for him. He got £5 sick pay from the army. He was treated in Ward 3 of Spynie Hospital with special drugs that looked like horse pills. 

Memory Contributed by WRVS volunteer Johan Baillie of Elgin

Additional Information
Eastern General Hospital– closed in 2007.

Marion Ingram remembers visiting Dr Gordon Scott (husband) at the Gordon Street house and surgery in 1940. He was still a surgeon and a GP at this time. thi stopped in 1948 when the NHS began and he then concentrated on surgery.  He married Dr. Mora Craig in 1942.

Obituary for Dr Mora Scott who died at the grand age of 94 in March 2013. This article talks about her life and why her mother was in Aberdeen, where Johan went to visit with the children.


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