Nursing Auxiliary in Aberchirder

Rose Innes  Hospital link to the Foggie Gossip news with information about AberchirderMy first job after leaving school was as a Nursing Auxiliary.  I was 15 years old and the year was 1950.  I had always wanted to be a nurse but was too young to start my training, so worked in the Rose Innes Home in Aberchirder.  I can’t remember how much I earned but as I lived in I kept all of my earnings.  I had one day off a week and went home to the farm.  I had 2 weeks holiday per year.  The work was very hard looking after very ill people.  Some were physically ill, some were mentally ill.  It was very different from today’s nursing as most of the patients were in bed. They didn’t have a nice sitting room. There were no hoists or equipment to help lift the patients, no such thing as Health and Safety!  I enjoyed the work very much and it certainly didn’t put me off starting my training, which I did in Psychiatry at Bilbohall and then my general training at Dr Gray’s.  I continued working in psychiatry as a Nursing Officer until 1991.

Additional Information
Rose Innes Home Reunion- photograph of the reunion in 2006 and some information on the closure.

Picture of patients at Rose Innes Home in Aberchirder before it closed as a hospital in 1957 and became a home for the elderly. Another picture of Rose Innes Cottage Hospital, A picture of the Hospital Staff.

submitted by WRVS volunteer Heather Heppenstall


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