Feeding the hens by May Bichan

May’s first job was feeding the hens (1961) and collecting eggs at the Myre of Bedlam in Aberdeenshire. Next farm was Hardbedlam. Her father was a dairy farmer.

Description English: Burgie Castle. Only this six-storey tower remains of the original large Z-plan castle.It looks in reasonable repair, though the windows have all been boarded up since 1991 when 13146 was taken. The castle was finished in 1602 by Alexander Dunbar, lay Dean of Moray. He obtained the lands from his brother-in-law Walter Reid, last Abbot of Kinloss Abbey, in 1566. The fireplace lintel is carved with the initials A D, K R and R D, presumably for Alexander Dunbar, his wife Katherine Reid and son Robert Dunbar.  Source From geograph.org.uk

Burgie Castle

Moved to Burgie Lodge in Morayshire. Got a summer job working for the Carlton Hotel in Forres waitressing. Stayed in the hotel sharing a large bedroom and a shared bathroom.  There was a permanent resident of the hotel who was a retired banker. May had to rise early to serve breakfast to the residents. Mealtimes were busy as local people came in. Often got sore feet and had to soak them in a bath.

Memory contributed by May Bichan from Forres

Additional information

Celtic origin to the place names
Hardbedlam. Hill of Bedlam; which see. Ard, hill.
Bedlam. Thicket on a hill. Bad, bushy place; laimh,
gen. of lamh, hill. An old form is Bedlain, which would
mean thicket of the plain. Bad, bushy place; lean, meadow,
level place”  source

Aerial view of Burgie Lodge and estate- Scotlands Places


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