Kitchen Assistant work by Helen Fraser

"The former Rothes Glen Hotel in the background is now a private dwelling. The house was built in 1870 as a house and remained so until the 1940's when it was commissioned for Polish troops for preparation for the D-Day landings and then for a year became Gordonstoun primary school. From 1947 it operated as a hotel until 1997. From 1997 it has been reverted back to a private residence." source Wikimedia Commons image ref: 639px-The_Glen_of_Rothes_-_geograph_org_uk_-_247758

The former Rothes Glen Hotel

Helen started work as a Kitchen Assistant at Glen Hotel, Rothes in 1966. Her tasks involved washing, tidying and cleaning up the kitchen. She mainly worked Monday to Friday but sometimes worked at the weekends. Each day started at 7 a.m. and had one break. Lunch was provided by the hotel. She finished at 4 p.m. unless there was afternoon tea. Each day the chargehand told her what to do. The work was alright but left after six months to work at Aberlour House where the pay was better.

Memory contributed by Helen Fraser from Linnburn

Additional Information

Glen Rothes Hotel is a listed building and appears in the Historic Scotland Record. It was formerly called Birchfield. 

Royal Commission of Ancient Monuments record for the Glen Rothes House (Birchfield)

Here is a link to a brochure which has interior and exterior photographs of the house and its setting. There is also more information on the history of the building.

Site of Birchfield Halt View NW, towards Elgin; ex-GNS Keith - Dufftown - Craigellachie - Elgin line. Halt closed 7/5/56, line closed to passengers 18/10/65, goods 4/11/68.  source: Wikimedia Commons image

Site of Birchfield Halt View NW, towards Elgin

The building appears to have its own railway halt as part of the Morayshire Railway.

“Halt closed 7/5/56, line closed to passengers 18/10/65, goods 4/11/68.” source

Map link showing Birchfield Bridge. The line of the old railway is visible on the right and the house is in the centre with the A941 road splitting just south of the house.


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