Working as a window dresser for Lily and Skinner in London by Joan Hunt

Joan’s job involved changing the shop windows of Lily and Skinner, Oxford Street, London She also fitted and sold shoes. She handed over her wages to her mother who gave her back money for bus fares and a little for herself. The normal working day began at 8 and finished at 5 p.m. She took a packed lunch or went to the cafe on pay days. Jona enjoyed meeting lots of people ( a lot of country people came into London). She was given training on how to serve a customer. If you didn’t do it right you were not allowed to work alone. In her spare time she joined the girl guides as a leader. She only stopped 7 years ago. Both her daughters were guides as well.

Joan Hunt was interviewed by the staff of Linnburn Day Centre in Rothes

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More information about Girl Guiding now


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