Ina Meldrum’s first job as a Sales Assistant at Sandersons Drapers, Mid Street, Keith

Ina’s main job was to keep the place clean and tidy. She started work there in 1943 at the age of 15 earning 15 /- a week. Her Mother gave her half her money back. She started work at 8 and finished at 6 p.m, going home for lunch. She used to put sand on the floor and then sweep it up with a brush and dust pan. In her spare time she went to the cinema but little else. After two years Ina left and went to work in the mills in Keith for six years. She particularly enjoyed work in the warehouse. She married after this and went to live in Rothes and to have a family.

Memory contributed by Ina Meldrum from Rothes

Additional links

Keith Cinema Link to more information about the former cinema in KeithImage of the local Playhouse Cinema in Keith

the cinema closed in 1982 and was demolished in 2002.


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