Harry Garrick’s work as a farm servant at Kininvie, Maggieknockater

Kininvie Farm Entrance The farm of Kininvie on the road to Maggieknockater. Photo's author Andrew Wood License  Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic  Source Wikimedia Commons image Harry worked for his father on their own farm from the age of 12. The farm was called Kininvie nr. Maggieknockater. He started work in 1950. He was able to do everything on the farm including ploughing with two horses. He had to do milking in the Milking byre if his mother was not there. Farming work continued everyday so there were no holidays on the farm. He got a wage if his Father could afford it and it was something he needed. The working day began at 7 o’clock. His Mother brought them some tea to where they were working. Lunch was at 1 o’clock. When the weather was fine they worked on until the work was finished. Harry enjoyed working out in the open air and driving the tractor. Harry rarely did anything beyond work as he was so tired at the end of the working day.

He carried on working at the farm for the next fifty years.

Memory contributed by Harry Garrick from Dufftown 

Additional Information

Horse Ploughing
Click here to see a Horse ploughing film on Scottish Screen onlineWatch a 1955 film of horse ploughing 

The film shows everyday life and work of a Scottish ploughman, shot at Smeaton Farm, Dalkeith.
It was made in 1955 and lasts 11 minutes.


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