Farming life by Jason Ramsay

Jason’s first job was on the family farm, Boghead, Auchindoun. He didn’t have any choice and helped his Dad in a variety of jobs. He had to clean the byre, see to the sheep, feed the cattle, plough the fields, sow the crops, pick the tatties and pull the neeps. He got paid when his Dad could afford it. He got money to go to the pictures. His working day began at 6 a.m. with a break when his mother brought out a hot drink. He went back to the farmhouse for lunch. When the weather was fine the work continued until the job was finished. He enjoyed working working with the animals. Work was a lot harder than it is now. Then they had to walk everywhere and now farmers use Quad bikes. He worked there until he retired.

Memory contributed by Jason Ramsey and collected with the help of staff at Dufftown Day Centre

Additional information
More information and the location of the farm at Auchindoun which is still in the Ramsey family.


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