Working on Wardhead Farm in Dufftown by Jean Ramsay

Jean started work at 14 in 1950 as a farm worker. She lived on the farm where her father was a tenant farmer. The farm grew hay, potatoes and turnips. There was also a small herd of 30 cows. The working day started with breakfast at 6 o’clock. This was usually brose, which is dry oatmeal with boiling water and salt added. Sometimes there was porridge. Her work included feeding and cleaning out he hens. The eggs were sold to the local grocer. They were free range eggs as the hens were kept in a shed and allowed to go out if they wished during the day.  Isobel also fed the cattle. She drove the tractors, by then there were no horses doing this work on this farm. Her Father showed her how to put on the equipment. She also did the cooking for everyone as there were no other employees.

When she was 20 she got married to a local young farmer she had met at a young farmers club. There were dances held in Dufftown at the Memorial Hall. Her husband had a croft. They had a large store for potatoes, turnips covered in straw. On bad winters the cattle stayed in the sheds. They made jam from their raspberries and apples. There was a milk house where they made their own butter and cheese.

Memory contributed by Jean Ramsey, Dufftown


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