Working as a community staff nurse in Forres by Helen Main

Leanchoil Hospital in Forres, Leanchoil is the cottage hospital serving the town of Forres. It mainly offers respite and palliative care and convalescence. It was designed in 1889 by John Rhind, who died before it was built, and the design was taken over and progressed by Henry Saxon Snell and Son. It was completed and opened in 1892. Helen started training as a nurse at Leanchoil Hospital in Forres in 1964. She did her training before she got married. As a child her Father had the freehold of a pub in Burghead and she worked there rolling out the barrels and cleaning from the age of 10 years old.
Once she had qualified she was paid £25 a month live out or £15 live in rate. She took nine years out to have children and returned in 1976. There was no retraining, just straight back in as an SEN. She did a conversion course about 12 years ago changing from an SEN to an SRN and working as a community nurse with her own car. There was an allowance for petrol  and she wrote down the mileage to claim it back. 

Capercaillie This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.One of her most frightening experience was when she went to see a patient near Burghead. Driving along the front windscreen suddenly went dark when something landed on the screen. It looked like a prehistoric monster. The patient she was seeing was a gamekeeper and he told her there was a nest of Capercaillie nearby.

Memory contributed by Helen Main


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