Driving a baker’s van by Duncan

Blog LH gansey front Pattern: Lighthouse Gansey by Anne Bosch Source of image:http://stitchesofviolet.blogspot.co.uk/2009/11/lighthouse-gansey-finished.html

Lighthouse Gansey by Anne Bosch

Duncan left school in 1957 and started work at the age of 16 for Murray Bakers in Buckie delivering to people’s houses around Buckie. There was a route and he went to certain houses on certain days. The usual range of baked goods – butteries, scones, softies, pancakes, butter tarts, loaves (white and brown) and vanilla slices. In Buckie at that time there was also a fish van, grocery van, butcher’s van and newspaper man.

Duncan remembered that in the 1950s the fisherman often wore ganseys when they were working on the boats.

Memory contributed by Duncan Fraser from Buckie

Additional information

Link to the Moray Firth Gansey projectMoray Gansey Project
This three year project, drawn up by the Moray Firth Partnership, focuses on the tradition of hand knitted ganseys in the Moray Firth’s fishing communities as a way of preserving this important part of our culture and introducing the craft – and the area’s wider fishing heritage – to new audiences

More information about the knitting of ganseys – site based in Great Yarmouth

BBC article about Ganseys and use of unique patterns for each placeBBC article about ganseys and the reason behind the wide range of specific patterns used.


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