My first job on the Christmas Post by Vivien Welsh

Vivien’s first job was a university holiday job based at Elgin post office.  It was a temporary position as a Christmas Postal worker. Her job included clearing the packages from behind the public counter to the sorting office. This involved franking the stamps and tossing post into the correct mailing bags for first and second class destination offices. Finally tying up and sealing bags when full and end of the day. When the packets were up to date she franked first and second class letters and then sorted them into pigeonholes. It was great fun tossing the packets into the bags. It was tricky getting them out if they went in the wrong bag. All the permanent staff were encouraging and good to work with. Vivien was glad to be in small office as friends in England spent all day long sorting second class letters with letters brought to them and their boxes only emptied when they were full. In Elgin the boxes were emptied at the end of every day ( i.e. the letters went sooner). When clearing packets from behind the counter she met a former classmate who had emigrated and was back in Elgin on holiday. She was able to have a quick chat. Large Calendars were awkward to get into the bags and she swore never to send large ones.

Vivien Welsh was interviewed by Roseanna Kendall, an Elgin High School pupil


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