Working as an upholsterer by Ron Walker

Ron’s first job was with Deepdale Upholstery, Shirebrook in Derbyshire. It was a Mansfield Firm. There wasn’t much choice of job. The alternatives were the local Shirebrook pit or a place which made tins. He strated work at the age of 16 in 1939.

World War Two experiences
He was called up in 1941. He was in France on D-day. It lasted a few days and he was well inside France when he got wounded by a mortar shell. His arm was broken and his right leg was damaged all the way down including his femur, which was broken. He was brought back to England. Because the leg was broken he was put on a stretcher to straighten the leg. He had to keep a shoe on his right foot becaue the brace was screwed to the back of the heel. The shoe rubbed the back of his heel and damaged the skin. Ron still has to put dressings on his heel to this day.

After the war he set up his own upholstery business called Field Mill on Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. It made new furniture from a frame. Sometimes he had to make his own springs. They were then laid on metal laths. Foam was then added and horsehair or coconut fibre cheaper) was used to finish it off.

Memory contributed by Ron Walker, Elgin

Additional information

Information on the Field Mill area in Mansfield. There is still an upholstery business at Field Mill.


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