Collecting rent money in Glasgow by Dora Cardno

Dora met her future Father-in-law before she met her future husband, Douglas Murray Cardno. She came to Hopeman before World War 2 on holiday with her six sisters. She was the 5th next to the youngest. They cycled in cullottes made by her mother. They brought their own bikes on the train. One day a button fell off and she had to buy a button from Mrs Alice Cardno, who had a shop in Hopeman at Millseat House, Inverugie Road. Mr William Cardno would not let Dora pay for the button. After her holidays she returned to Glasgow. It was there that she met Douglas. They were engaged before the war and married during the war. She found out his parents owned the When the Blitz came a number of the tenements were knocked down. Douglas and Dora were both called up. At that time they lived in Clydebank, which was regularly bombed. During one raid it started too quickly to get out. They hid under the staircase and eventually got out.  Clydebank was a very scattered area by the river with lots of factories.

A historical Singer sewing machine.

A historical Singer sewing machine.

Singer Sewing Factory
The Factory was a major employer on Clydebank, where her Father worked in the office area. They had lived in Dalmuir in the upper part of Clydebank on the Clyde. Dora’s mother sewed all their clothes on an old singer sewing machine (a treddle). She was a very clever lady. The children got new clothes as the old clothes wore out.

There was a rag and bone man who came to their area who collected worn out pots, pans and clothing. He used a horse and cart.

Eventually they moved back to Moray. They had three children. Elizabeth, Hilda and Ian.

Memory contributed by Dora Cardno from Elgin

Additional information
More information on the history of Clydebank including the Singer Sewing factory at Clydebank.

View a host of images of the Singer factory from the site record on RCAHMS

Fiona Bruce’s family also came from Hopeman. In the programme – Who do you think they are? she talks about her family (the Bruce family) who originated there.


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