Rosemary’s office work at R & R Urquhart

“I worked for R R Urquhart’s, Forres in 1948 when I was 16.  The job was advertised in the Forres Gazette.  I think I got it because the Town Clerk knew my Dad.  I worked in the office, I copied letters on a gestetner machine, and had to walk the length and breadth of Forres to deliver them (it saved the boss a stamp, but not my shoe leather!).  I also had to deliver them after I left work, which meant getting home late.  I went to evening classes to learn shorthand and typing, then got promoted upstairs to the typing pool which I enjoyed because one of my jobs was to type up about the films being shown in the local cinema.  I worked there for 3 years until I got married to an airman and was posted away from Forres.  I was paid 30/- per week initially, and £2 after promotion.  I had Saturday afternoon and Sunday off and 2 weeks holiday per year.”

Rosemary Chester was interviewed by Heather Heppenstall, WRVS volunteer in Elgin


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