Hannah Welsh work as an office junior at Balfour Beatty in Edinburgh

“I left school in 1955 when I was 15 and living in Edinburgh.  We all had to go to the Youth Employment Agency prior to leaving school, told them what we wanted to do and they would try to find a vacancy.  I left school on the Friday and started work on the Monday and worked in the office for Balfour Beatty. There were 2 others in the office and we delivered mail to other sections of the firm.  I got told off by the boss because on a Monday morning we used to practise our Rock & Roll dance steps and he was in the office below and wanted to know what we were doing.  I told him that we were just walking.  I worked there for 3 years, got paid £2 10/- per week.  I had a half day off Saturday and Sunday, and 3 weeks holiday per year.”

Hannah Welsh was interviewed by Heather Heppenstall, WRVS Volunteer at Kinloss Coffee Morning, Kinloss Church

Additional information
The first 100 years of Balfour Beatty


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