Margaret Dunwoodie ‘s work for Johnston and Carmichael

Margaret Dunhoodie’s was an Auditor/bookkeeper at Johnston and Carmichael in Elgin. She started work when she was 16 in 1940 but before she started working she went to Webster’s college, which was in the same building as Johnston and Carmichael. She was interviewed by John Carmichael and she decided to take the job.  She hardly saw Mr Johnston. He had volunteered at the start of the Second World War for active service and he only returned to the firm at the end of the war.  One man was really quick because he counted in his head. Across from them was a barracks for officers. She worked there for several years and then went to work for Dr Gordon Thow as a Doctor’s secretary. The practice was where the Seafield club is now, near St Giles on the High Street. Dr Thow did surgery at the hospital.  Every time someone was seen a mark went against their name. The doctors charged a patient according to how wealthy they were. Wealthier people would be charged more. Some people wouldn’t get charged because they were too poor. Dr Thesson had a clinic which checked people’s blood for illness.

Memory contributed by Margaret Dunwoodie of Elgin