Working for Taylor’s underwear by Barbara Webster

Barbara was born in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire. Her first ever job was in Taylor’s Underwear to sew buttons on combinations and vests. After leaving school in 1927, aged 14 her auntie was given the task of finding her a job. Luckily she succeeded and started work immediately. She worked all week from 8am to 6pm with a 1 hour lunch break in between. Her days off were on a Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Each week her wage was 7d.and because she was only 14 years of age she gave her weekly wage to her mother. Her tasks in her job were to button up combinations and vests.

During her time at Taylor’s, Mr Taylor built another room for making woollen dresses. Barbara thoroughly enjoyed working at Taylor’s Underwear. She reckons the equipment that is used nowadays is much more improved. Barbara told us that when she did in fact work on machines; she noticed an improvement in the 8 years she worked there. Taylor’s Underwear was a very safe environment to work in, but if anything did happen it was entirely your fault. She learned a lot from her first job.

In Barbara’s time off she enjoyed dancing on Mondays and Fridays, shopping on a Saturday afternoon and watching movies on the big screen at the cinema. Sadly she had to leave her job at Taylor’s Underwear after getting married. She has had many other jobs in her lifetime including working as a machinist and making blouses in Nottinghamshire.

Barbara Webster, Elgin was interviewed by Honor and Daisy, students at Elgin High School as part of an eleven week elective the S2 students studied on the theme of Local Heritage

Additional Information

Hucknall Taylors underwearTaylor’s Underwear was built by the Taylor brothers on King Edward Street in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire. To find some more information on the businesses in and around Hucknall, please click the link below: