John Hector Grange work as a baker

John Hector Grange was born in 1934 in Elgin. He became started working in a baker’s shop in 1946 at the age of 12 years old. He also delivered news papers as a paper boy. At 14 years old he began his bakers apprenticeship. As a baker he worked week days only from 6am – 9am then 11am – 5pm. He had no tea breaks but he was able to get something to eat while working. John enjoyed his work in the bakers because it got him up in the mornings and he had evenings to himself and his family. Working in the bakers was quite safe although it was very very hot. A baker was at risk from burns and scalds. Most of his earnings was handed over to his parents because money was tight and although he didn’t tell me how much he earned but he did say it wasn’t much for all the work he did. The downside of his job was he suffered dermatitis which is dry cracked sore skin which can bleed and cause pain. His hobby was playing football in his spare time.

Photograph of the sole surviving 64 pounder 64 cwt Mk I rifled muzzle-loading gun, mounted on a replica carriage. At the Duke of Cumberland's bastion at Fort George, Inverness, Scotland. When he was 20 he was called up for national service and spent 2 years in the army. He was trained at Fort George in Inverness. His first year was served out in Germany followed by a year in Egypt.

When he left the army he returned to his job as a baker.

John Hector Grange was interviewed by Sam and Siobhan, students at Elgin High School as part of an eleven week elective the S2 students studied on the theme of Local Heritage

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