Isobel Fraser’s work at Modern Gowns

Isobel first worked in at the age of fifteen at a ladies fashion shop called Modern Gowns in the estate of Lossie Wynd. Isobel got Sundays off and got 15 shillings a week in 1954 and gave it to the family. On a typical day at Modern Gowns she started at 9 in the morning, she did not stop for a break but at lunch she ran to the bakers up the street for sausage rolls and then worked until 6pm.  At the age of 16-17 she left Webster’s College and started working at a tailors shop. Then book keeping at Burdens where she looked after the books and counted the money. She said ‘I enjoyed the job and it was better than doing nothing.’ The equipment was different to what we use nowadays as she used pens, a typewriter but not a calculator or a computer.
North of Scotland Hydro Board AdvertShe then left the job to give birth to children, one in 1958 and another one in 1960, when her youngest son went to secondary school she went back into working at the Hydro Board and said the job was safe and she did not have any training. Isobel did not have any adventures but did go to Girl camps/guides.

Isobel Fraser was interviwed by Sean and Neil, students at Elgin High School as part of an eleven week elective the S2 students studied on the theme of Local Heritage