Isobel Ross’ work as a ledger clerk

Isobel worked as a Ledger at the Royal Bank in Grantown.  She started working there at the age of 16 in the year 1942. Her job was to deal with people’s personal accounts. Isobel was allocated the job only because it came up and she took advantage of the opportunity. Every morning she started work at 9am and finished at 4pm. Often she got coffee from her bosses’ flat which was situated close to the Royal Bank. For her lunch, herself and her colleagues went into town for something to eat. She stated that in her job, she mostly wrote down things, and she used a pen to do so. She had to do all the maths in her head. She didn’t get a calculator. Isobel wasn’t given any training, she had to cope with not knowing what to do for a while, but eventually she got used to her job. She quoted ‘I enjoyed my job very much’. She left on 14th  January and got married on 9th of February 1950 she got married and eventually she had to give up her job as a Ledger at the Royal Bank. Soon after she worked in the BenMhor Hotel with her husband in Grantown on Spey. Then she worked in another hotel in Forres called the Heather Hotel. Isobel went on holiday every year. The countries she listed were; Spain, Cyprus, and France. One year she said that herself, her Husband and some close friends drove down to France. Before the journey she was trying to learn some French, with also some experience of learning French and Secondary school. When she got there, she realised that the French were very good at speaking English.

Isoble Ross was interviewed by Keir Watson and Kieran Johnson, students at Elgin High School as part of an eleven week elective the S2 students studied on the theme of Local Heritage