Ellen Sheed’s work as a kitchen maid

Buckie_Harbour_-_geograph.org.uk_-_223399Ellen Sheed was born in 1934 and started work at the age of 15 at the Marine Hotel in Buckie as a kitchen maid in 1949. She saw the job advertised in the Buckie Advertiser. She did vegetable preparation and cleaning windows.In September 1939 the fishing trawler, Dunedin was bombed. Her Father, William, her mother’s brother (uncle) and her sister’s husband were on the boat and died. Her mother was a widow who needed her daughter’s income. Training to be a nurse would have taken too long so she got a job as a kitchen maid.

Soon after she went working as a waitress then went to work in a fish place on a machine which made kippers. Her job was to take out the fish bones of the herring, putting them in the dye and then smoking them in the kilns. Had to pack the herring at night.

She went to work for the Observer Corps watching for planes. This was part of the Inverness Group. She took a test every year.

Memory contributed by Ellen Sheed, Tomintoul

Additional  information

Helen’s sister, Ellen also contributed to this website and mentions the loss of their Father.

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