Working for the Co-op in Elgin in 1932 by David Bogie

David worked for the Co-op in Elgin as his first job. He started work for them in 1932 at the age of 14. Initially he was not ready to meet the public and needed training. He got nine shillings a week which he handed over to his mother. He got a shilling back for himself. He had to unpack goods as they came in. Sugar, flour and butter came ready-packed, A typical day was from 9 o’ clock. There was no clocking in card. At 11 o’ clock they had a cup of tea but the shop stayed open. Lunchtime were staggered and the shop closed at 5 o’clock. On Wednesday it was half day closing and he got the afternoon off. David had to learn the cost of many things, Some items were labelled and some were not. Another job was to sweep the floor and keep it tidy.

Memory contributed by David Bogie, Elgin