Grace’s first job disbudding Chrysanthemums

Grace had a variety of summer jobs in Aberdeen between 1948-9 before becoming a teacher.

Cockers garden centre
“Worked at Cockers Roses disbudding Chrysanthemums whether if it rained or not. The Boss taught me how to disbud. Knocked the crown off during training but he was
alright about it. Wore own clothes and got covered in mud.

Second summer job (Birds Eye)

Canned strawberries and raspberries for two weeks. Canners worked upstairs and workers washing fruit were downstairs. They wore turbans on hair and sang scottish tunes while they worked downstairs and we joined in upstairs. we didn’t have a uniform or turban for canning.

Third summer job
Dinnet House , AberdeenDuring the summer worked as a chambermaid at Dinnet House for Lord and Lady Barclay-Harvey. Had to make up beds for shooting parties and emptied chamber pots with cloth over them and tipped them into the toilet. Helped to open up the house for the season. Had to remove all the mothballs from the rooms and put away in store for next time needed.

The House was closed up for the winter and the owners went back to London.

Next job
Shared a house in Strathdon with eight girls and did grouse beating for the shoots for £1 a day. If you were hit by a pellet you were given a £1 a pellet. The bus driver’s wife lived next door and gave them pots of soup and made up the fire for them so they had hot water. Worked from about 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. and when we got home all the girls sat on the edge of the roll top bath with their feet soaking in it.

Started teaching in 1955 and married a teacher. Went up to Aviemore for honeymoon. Got paid £408 per year before stoppages.”

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Collected and submitted by Jo Sweeney, WRVS volunteer at a Kinloss Church Coffee Morning