Rosemary’s work as an Assistant Housemaid

Havelock House NairnRosemary’s first job was for the Havelock House Hotel in Nairn as an Assistant House Maid.  She worked every summer from the age of 12 to pay for her school uniform at Nairn Academy. She was one of five children and she worked throughout her secondary school years. She paid for her uniform week by week at Peter Greens, High St. The floors of the hotel were polished by hands and I was told to lie down on the floor by the door to check no bits had been missed.

Left school at 15 years old and started working at Dallas jewellers, Nairn as a trainee assistant earning £3 10/- a week. This was from 9.00 to 5.30 including all day on Sunday. Did all sorts including taking turns to clean all the crystal each week with tissue paper. The uniform was a green overall. A year into the job a robbery happened in the shop. While the staff were distracted serving a customer someone stole the Rolex
watches and gold necklaces from out of the window. This was only discovered later that day. the police were notified but the robber was never caught. From then on the expensive stock was moved to a safer place in the shop. It was a very frightening coming into work the next day.

At 16 years while working at the jewellers married a chap from Cawdor in 1965 at Auldearn Church. Had the meal at the Lion hotel, Auldearn then reception and dance at Dunbar Memorial Hall. No honeymoon as we both went back to work on Monday. Rented a room to live in and earned £12 13/- between the two of us.

Rosemary was interviewed at a Kinloss Coffee Morning by Jo Sweeney, WRVS volunteer