Robert ‘Bob’ Jefferson’s work as a Farm Labourer

Blackhillock Farm This large farm was formerly devoted to rearing pigs.Robert (Bob) left the Higher Grade School at Rothes at the age of fourteen in 1934. He did a series of odd jobs and got training on the job. He remembers his job at Blackhillock Agricultural Farm in Knockando. He had to feed the cattle and tend to the crops. There was grain crops such as barley and oats. No wheat or rye. Worked from Monday to Saturday midday and was then off until Sunday night. He lived on the farm and had to share his room with a young farmer. The bathroom was outside the house. 

Milk from the dairy cows was used for butter and cheese such as pressed crowdie. Everything was stored outside in the cold store secure from vermin. There was no refrigeration. Food was used straight away if it was perishable. The farm made its own oatcakes but not its own bread.

At the weekend Bob went home. Water was heated on the fire and a tin bath was filled. He took half his dirty clothes home for washing and left them until the following Saturday when he brought the second half and so on…. Out of his five shilling wage he paid an insurance premium to cover if he needed a doctor. There was no pension deduction as there was no state pension at this time.

Robert ‘Bob’ Jefferson was interviewed at a Kinloss Coffee Morning

Additional Information
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