Margaret’s work in Draper’s office in Forres

Army ambulance ww2Margaret was offered the job as the previous lady in the job had moved to Africa to be with her husband. She was trained by the boss to do accounts, orders, post and everything else in the office. There was a big staff. Two years after starting work the boss died  and when the new boss took over she continued working for him doing the same thing for the next eight years. Her working day was from 9 to 5.30 but there was no bus home until 6.30 so she got a lift home in a lorry every night. Sometimes got a lift in an army ambulance. It had no sides on it so her hair was blown about all over the place but we didn’t mind.

Everyday the message boy came to my work and brought a letter from a boy wanting to take me out. After a long time I finally agreed to go out with him. Got married in 1953 on a Wednesday, which was quite usual because it meant you didn’t have to take time off work. The wedding dress was borrowed from her sister-in-law which was also the usual thing to do.

 She got about 8 /- a week with one week’s holiday a year.

Margaret was interviewed at a Kinloss Coffee morning by Jo Sweeney, WRVS volunteer