Sheila’s life in Glasgow

Sheila was born in a Glasgow tenement in 1930s. She was an only child. Her mother stayed at home and worked as a hairdresser. Her father was an Inspector of Transport. She eventually became a music teacher. She played violin and sang.

Additional Information
Scran article (click on the link in a Scottish school or library) Back court of a tenement in Glasgow in the 1930s.

Glasgow museum  Tenement life- You can read a poem and a story inspired by the Tenement Life kit and see a list of objects found in a typical tenement. Here there is also a link on the right to Open Museum resources and how to do a reminiscence event for a specific era or theme. Painting of the backcourts of the tenements

Scotland on Screen fundraising film to encourage donations to take Glasgow tenement children on holidayScotland on Screen- there are a total of four clips to watch.

a fund raising film about life in the Glasgow tenements to help raise money to take children on holiday. This film is one of a series of fund raising appeal films produced for the Glasgow Necessitous Children’s Holiday Camp Fund to raise money to help send poor children on a holiday during the summer break. The film promotes the benefits of the Holiday Camp to children and parents alike and provides an insight into what life was like for Glasgow children during the great depression. A collection tin would be passed around after showings of this film at the cinema.

Sheila McArthur was interviewed by Community Service Students at Gordonstoun School