Edward’s time as a senior office boy

Edward decided to go to work for Allan, Buckie and McCaskie in Elgin as he thought he would like to study the law. He started work in 1936 for 30/- a month. His family moved away from Scotland to London. There he had seven jobs in six months. One of these jobs was as a debt collector but he found he was too sympathetic and it went against his nature.  The family had moved because his brother wanted to join the police. 
Sellarc Company House RecordWorked for an oil company in London called HE Oil. Involved in the marketing. Eventually set up an oil company in 1963 in Preston, Sellarc Southern Ltd. It was a successful company selling high pressure greasing equipment.

He also travelled to Burma, South Africa with the army in WWII. He was training Bush men.

Edward was interviewed by Community Service Students at Gordonstoun School