Mary Miller’s first job at Miss Reed’s Needlecraft and Wool Shop

Mary Miller (nee Murdoch) lived up Fortreath’s close, next to the Town hall building. Her Great Grandfather owned the flat and her family rented it. Their flat had an inside bathroom, a big living room and continued on two levels up a spiral staircase to the bedrooms. 

Mary’s first job was in Miss Reed’s Needlecraft and Wool Shop. It was situated very close to their flat in the same close.  She was eleven years old and working Saturdays she earned 1 /- 6. in 1946.  Her job was selling wool to the public.
The shop could be quite busy. There was an old-fashioned brass till and no
phone. There was a room at the back with a toilet.

The last tinsmith in Elgin

Wm. Murdoch Tinsmith was the last tinsmith in Elgin. He did repairs to radiators, pots, pans, teapots and kettles. Utility goods cost a lot more then than they do now and were often repaired. Eventually when an item was beyond repair it could be given to the rag and bone man in exchange for a toy or a balloon. He made cake tins, loaf tins, baking tins, watering cans and milk churn. One day her father made a doll’s house out of tin including all the contents.

Memory contributed by Mary Miller neé Murdoch, Elgin