Dennis Young’s work as a meteorologist

Dennis had spent his school days at the Army Base from 1927 until 1934 when he was sent to stay with an uncle and attend Ealing Senior Boys School.  He didn’t return Bermuda until June 1939. He took a £22 second class return on a ship Pacific Steam Navigation Company based in Bermuda. One of  their routes was Bermuda to UK. War was declared in September 1939 and his Mother decided he should stay there on the island. This is how he came to be working for BELPT Co.

First Job

Dennis Young started his first job as a maintenance engineer for Bermuda Electric Light and Power Traction company Ltd (BELPT Co.).  This was in 1939 at the age of 17. He was in Bermuda because his Father was posted there in Argyles. Bermuda is an independent Crown Colony. His first job involved maintaining electric motors pumping oil and water. The water came from the country rock, which was mainly coral. The water beneath the island was brackish (used for cooling equipment) at the top then below this seawater and beneath it was fresh water from rain water.

Meteorology work
Then he saw another job as a Meteorology assistant based at St. George’s, Bermuda at a place called Fort George Colonial office. He now earned £130 a year. In his previous job for BELPT he had earned 25 /- a week i.e. £5 a month for six 8 hour days. His engineering experience came in useful as he had to read lots of instruments such as thermometer dials, vernier scales etc…  Once a year there was a hurricane with an average wind speed on 75 mph with 180 mph gusts! This was measured with Dines Pressure-tube thermometer. Part of the meteorologist office’s job was to watch the barometric tendencies for all the islands and then send the information to all the islands by radio (wireless). A morse code operator sent the information manually. The Forecast decided it was a hurricane. The warning was sent out by radio as morse code. There was no voice radio. You could pick up an American radio station in New York.

Dennis Young's encounter wth a flying saucer in the Sussex Daily News   Churchill’s 1942 Flying Bermuda Visit

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Memory contributed by Dennis Young, Forres