Roberta Murray’s work as clerkess of Fraserburgh

Fraserburgh Old Town Hall Building 1504772_0bb00db5 geograph

Fraserburgh Old Town Hall Building

Roberta was interested in the job description of the job so she applied for it. She started work in 1942 for Fraserburgh Town Council in an office as Clerkess. Her first job was to sort out the rents and taxes. This included lots of typing to do as well. The only time she saw people was when the Sheriff came to evict the tenants. Some people were evicted including families with children. They then had to turn to their families and move in with them. A lean could be put on their wages to pay off the rent owing. She earned 10/- and 6d. a week. Roberta moved to work in Banff when she got married. She rose to the position of Assistant Town Chamberlain.

Memory contributed by Roberta Murray, Lossiemouth