Egg packing by Elizabeth Forsyth

Elizabeth started her first job at an Egg Packing Station in Elgin (where Lidl is now) at the age of 15 in 1963.

“My first job was working at the Egg packing Station. It was next to the railway station. My job was sitting in a little dark cabinet where a light was on and the egg had to pass it. My job was find the bad ones.”

She lost her very first wage because she was waving it around her head and it fell out of her hand. No-one ever returned it. Her wages were £1.65 a week. She worked six days a week with a half day on Saturday.

Memory contributed by Elizabeth Forsyth, Lossiemouth

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Candling eggs- a technique used to detect fertile and unfertilized eggs in incubators. Method also used as Elizabeth did in the Egg Packing Industry. Search Google for candled eggs to see lots of examples of eggs.