Anne’s work in a tartan factory

Anne’s first job was at Lark Hall Tartan Mill at the age of 15 in 1948.

Her earnings were £1 10/- and she says ” it all went to my Mother”. She had one week’s holiday in the summer.

Work-related Accident
One day while working her machine she leaned over to reach a bobbin and got her long hair caught in a moving belt.  In those days there was no safety training, no regulations about tying hair back and the moving parts of the machinery were often a lot more exposed than they are now. These days there are safety shields to protect workers. The moving belt caught hold of her hair and pulled her towards the machine.

The machine was stopped and a nurse attended. Eventually her hair grew back. From then on she wrapped a piece of fabric around her head like a turban to hold her hair back. Other young women in the factory then chose to copy her to avoid the potential hazard happening to them.

Memory contributed in Lossiemouth

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