Jessie’s work as a shop assistant

She thought Jessie would like the job as a shop assistant so as the age of 14 in 1944 she started work in a shop of Buckie. She got the bus from Findochty to Buckie. She went home for lunch at 1 ‘clock and then took the 2 o’clock bus. There was a half day on Wednesday. After three years Jessie went to work as a nanny and house cleaner in Edinburgh and hated it so only stayed for a year. Next she got a job back in Elgin as a bus conductress starting work on the buses in 1950 . The buses were hard work starting work at 6 a.m. morning shift then a 3 to 11.30 p.m. late shift but she loved this job. She earned 12/6 at first and £6 a week on the buses. Jessie stopped work when she got married. 

School memories
“My memory about our school in Findochty. I remember I got the strap only once for cheating, which i didn’t do. The teacher loved using the strap and throwing chalk. When the war started we only webt to school 1/2 days. The girls in the morning and the boys in the afternoon and vice versa. I left school at 14. My first job was as a shop assistant. I got paid 12/- 6d. a week. My bus fare was 2 /- 6d. so only 10/- left for my mother and me! “