George’s work for a newsagent

George started work for RS McColls Newsagent as a part-time manager and shop assistant. He started work at 6 a.m. and finished work at 5 p.m. First job  of the day was to sort out the papers for the paper boys, organising their bags. Each round was about 1 1/2 hours for which they got a flat rate. If someone was off George had to do it.

Then there was re-ordering, selling and display work. He had 1 Sunday a month off and two weeks holiday a year. The shop was shut on Christmas Day and Boxing Day but open on New Year’s Day from 8-12 for papers only. During halloween there was a small display of apples, pumpkins and sweets but not as much as these days.

On Saturdays the shift was 11-5 as the papers arrived later then and on Sunday 12- 5 .
Main difference to now were the employees were on a raised floor looking down at the customers.

Memory contributed by George, Elgin